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  • Features On the front face are shown the survival sequence and 3 clear pictograms with Instructions for use Day/night lighting of the AED compartment by LEDs with automatic luminosity Opening of the AIVIA is motorised for this model and access to the AED secured by digicode.

  • The ARKY indoor AED cabinet is a strong metal perfectly powder coated cabinet. With dimensions of 38 x 38 x 20 cm, this cabinet fits defibrillators of all brands. This product is ideal for office buildings and public spaces. The cabinet is available in white with an alarm.

  • The innovative Merlin e-Mask is an essential item to keep close to hand and is a must-have accessory for any doctor's bag.  A one-way valve with directional diaphragm ensures no backflow of air or contaminants from patient to rescuer.

  • ZOLL AED Plus Automated External Defibrillator The ZOLL AED Plus® does more than just defibrillate. It is the only AED that ensures infrequent rescuers respond appropriately whilst resuscitating a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. How? It coaches them quickly and simply through every important step of the rescue process. 

  • Duracell AED Plus Batteries (pack of 10)* *Guaranteed to have a 10 year shelf life, up to 5 year standby time in device, up to 3000 shocks or 13 hours continuous monitoring.

  • One-piece electrode with built-in Real CPR Help® technology that provides real-time feedback on the quality of compressions.

  • Key Features: Voice and text prompts inform the rescuer that paediatric pads are connected to prevent misuse Separate and specific algorithms designed for children are used to analyse a young victim’s heart rhythm Provides paediatric-specific energy levels Clear diagrams on packaging allow for easy placement of electrodes Suitable for children aged 0-8...

  • Two-piece electrode for use with ZOLL’s manual defibrillators. Key Features:        Suitable for people aged 8 and over        2-year shelf life

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