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  • Medi-Plinth’s 2 Section couch provides great value with strength, elegance and reliability. While off ering a robust platform for a range of medical procedures, this simple couch provides easy usage while maintaining patient comfort.

  • Medi-Plinth’s Day Care couch is ideal for patients that spend large amounts of time seated during examinations or treatments. Designed with patient comfort in mind, this couch features a linked castor wheel system that allows for patients to be transported both safely and with ease.

  • Medi-Plinth’s ultra gynaecology plinth features three electric motors for height, tilt and backrest control ensuring easy patient positioning and enabling the Plinth to be moved into Trendelenburg position.

  • Medi-Plinth’s ultrasound couch provides smooth and effortless patient positioning with electric variable height, electric tilt (providing Trendelenburg facility) and gas spring assisted back and leg sections.

  • Medi-Plinth’s 2 Section Bo-Plinth is ideal for treating heavier patients with neurological conditions and head injuries. Its sturdy wide top makes the couch safe for the therapist to treat the patient with both ease and comfort in mind.

  • Medi-Plinth’s 3 Section Bo-Plinth is ideal for treating neurological conditions and head injuries. Its sturdy wide top makes the couch safe for the therapist to work on together with the patient.

  • Medi-Plinth’s New Tilt Table is ideal for treating neurological conditions and head injuries. Its sturdy wide top makes the couch safe for the therapist to work on together with the patient.

  • The Split Leg Table has the same function-ality as the standard Tilt Table but allows the patient’s legs to be strapped separately, providing a greater feeling of security for the patient.

  • With the increasing requirement for examination couches with the capability of supporting extremely heavy patients, Medi-Plinth have designed a range of Electric Lift models that combine a safe working load/lift ing capacity of 320kgs. They also feature extra wide upholstery for maximum patient comfort.

  • Medi-Plinth’s Bariatric range of drop end couches provide the ultimate support while treating extremely heavy patients. Featuring extra wide upholstery, this Bariatric couch is the premium choice for advanced patient positioning, and comfort, while consulting larger patients.

  • Medi-Plinths newly developed 7 section provides optimum functionality and easy positioning for a number of physiotherapy procedures. The 7 section incorporates Medi-Plinth’s tried and tested lift system in conjunction with a number of clever and innovative manipulation orientations, providing a stable platform from which therapists can work.

  • Medi-Plinth is pleased to introduce its new and improved professional range of highly stable and durable rehabilitation plinths. The new Physio+ 5 section utilizes the highest quality materials and innovative design to give the clinician a robust platform from which to work.

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